OConnor O-Rig Baseplate Set

  • OConnor O-Rig Baseplate Set - 1
  • OConnor O-Rig Baseplate Set - 2
OConnor O-Rig Baseplate Set
  • O-Rig Baseplate Set


    The O-Rig is designed to work with any camera/lens combination in 15 mm LWS (Light Weight Support) configuration, including the latest offerings from Sony, Canon, Nikon, ARRI, AJA, JVC, Panasonic, Vision Research and RED.

    To provide cinematographers with maximum flexibility, OConnor’s O-Rig is camera and lens agnostic. Uniquely crafted to deliver superior ergonomic performance, the O-Rig also allows users to effortlessly move from shoulder mount to tripod and back again. The O-Rig elements also work with other 3rd party 15mm LWS products.


    • 1x O-Rig Universal Baseplate (C1257-1002)
    • 1x O-Rig Body Mount (C1257-1003)
    • 1x O-Rig Height Adapter (C1257-1004)
    • 2x 15 mm Horizontal Support Rods (18") set of 2 (C1245-2040)
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