Alphatron ALP-PD

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  • Alphatron ALP-PD - 2
Alphatron ALP-PD
  • Pedestal with 100 mm bowl mount, for payloads up to 30 kg


    This versatile lightweight camera platform with adjustable air-system provides accurate and effortless camera positioning for small studio’s and outside broadcasting setups. The pedestal has a vertical reach of 790 to 1145 mm and is fitted standard with a 100 mm bowl mount.

    The pedestal features a load capacity of up to 30 kg and the balance can be easily adjusted by simply pumping in more air and the pedestal makes low camera positioning possible. The dolly has collapsible box tubing arms, optional cable movers are available to provide ultra-smooth rolling action.


    • Precise Arrow fluid head range supports camera configurations from ENG to EFP
    • 100 mm bowl mount
    • Modular heights
    • Adjustable Air-system
    • Maximum load camera system: 30 kg / 66.9 lbs
    • Dolly wheel brake


    • 1x Alphatron Pedestal
    • 1x Alphatron Pedestal Dolly (Including Spider)
    • 1x Instruction Manual
    • Allgemeines
    • Gewicht
      Pedestal: 13,2 kg, Dolly: 6,5 kg
    • Eigenschaften Stativ
    • Traglast/Max. Belastung
      30 kg
    • Kopfanschluss/Durchm. Schale
      100 mm
    • Auszug
      79 - 114,5 cm
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