Matrox Monarch EDGE 4:2:0 8-bit Encoder

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Matrox Monarch EDGE 4:2:0 8-bit Encoder
  • 4K/Multi-HD Webcasting and Remote Production Encoder with 4:2:0 8-bit encoding


    The Matrox Monarch EDGE is a 4K UHD/multi-HD, low latency encoder for webcasting, remote production and contribution workflows. Designed for convenience, Monarch EDGE delivers unparalleled, robust encoding power with the wide-ranging aptitude of the H.264 codec.

    This compact, standalone encoder is versatile and integrates seamlessly into virtually any SD and HD installation and pairing with a diverse range of third-party video technology and service providers, including Strategic Partners, Content Delivery Networks, Online Video Platforms, and Media Servers.

    Webcasting Encoding Workflow

    Matrox Monarch EDGE is perfectly suited to support live 4Kp60 streaming to the biggest online video platforms (OVPs) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Whether you are processing a single input multiple times or selecting multiple simultaneous inputs for independent or synchronized delivery - particularly useful for live sports - Monarch EDGE’s flexible H.264 encoding engine has you covered.

    Platforms supporting multi-camera events, where the user selects the content most interesting to them, provide operators the best of both worlds: the main angle provides a primary feed, and complementary angles cater to viewer-specific preferences.

    Remote Production Encoding Workflow

    Affordably produce live multi-camera events by minimizing on-site expenses and keeping your talent in-house. Monarch EDGE synchronizes and delivers raw high-quality camera feeds from the field over IP to a centralized live production system. Broadcasters can, in turn, improve efficiency and minimize costs by using these in-house or cloudbased production systems to produce high-quality live programming.

    With remote production, fewer staff and equipment are required in the field - lowering travel expenses and logistical costs. The studio is also able to cover multiple events in a single day with the same personnel.

    High-Density Contribution Encoding Workflow

    The contribution or mezzanine-level encoding capabilities of Monarch EDGE provide broadcasters with a means to easily add additional or complimentary backhaul feeds, or redundant contribution channels of their primary feeds.

    This small-footprint low-power appliance delivers quad-channel broadcast quality with 4:2:2 10-bit HD streams. It has enough encoding horsepower to simultaneously generate low-bitrate 4:2:0 proxy streams for each input, which can be monitored by any device on the network.

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