AJA Hi5-3D

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AJA Hi5-3D
  • Dual HD-SDI to 3D Multiplexer


    The Hi5-3D is a video multiplexer that combines and synchronizes two HD-SDI inputs into various multiplexed 3D formats for output via HDMI and HD-SDI.

    3D Modes Supported

    The Hi5-3D supports, depending on the video format, "side-by-side", "top-bottom", and "frame- packing" 3D modes. The "side-by-side" and "top-bottom" modes involve compressing, either horizontally or vertically, each input for combining into a single video stream at the same rate of the inputs.

    The "frame-packing" mode stacks two full resolution inputs into a "tall" frame (at twice the clock and line rates). When selected, "frame- packing" can only be used with 23.98 or 24 input frame rates.

    Each input, in addition to 3D processing, can be flipped either horizontally, vertically, or both. This control is provided by 4 switches that can be engaged in any combination.

    Compact and Portable

    AJA Mini-Converters are small enough to fit behind a monitor, in the back of a rack or directly on a camera rig. A locking power connector can't accidentally pull loose and an optional P-TAP power cable allows for battery power in remote locations.


      • HD-SDI to HDMI 1.4a with additional SDI output
      • 10-bit HDMI v1.4a support including 3D and embedded audio
      • Additional 2-channel RCA audio output
      • Setup via DIPswitch or PC/Mac using USB port and supplied USB cable (MiniConfig software application supplied on CD)
      • Uses 5-20V power supply (included with purchase)
      • Five year warranty
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