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  • LTO-6 Video Archive Recorder - HD/SD-SDI in/out & Gig-E LAN Interface

    Media Archive Workflow

    The LTR Series is a standalone video archiving recorder fitted with an LTO (Linear Tape Open) drive. By adopting enormous volume of Terabyte and capability of LTFS file data, LTR series recorders can be used as platforms for material or program exchange.

    This series offers many useful features, including HD/SD-SDI input/output, broadcast quality codec and MXF (OP-1a) wrapping and unwrapping. MXF files recorded on LTO can also be used with non-linear editing systems.

    Browsing Software

    LTR-BMAC-E (Apple MacOS) or LTR-BWIN-E (Windows) => must be specified when ordering!


    • LTO-6 Video Archive Recorder
    • HD/SD-SDI in/out & Gig-E LAN Interface
    • 2.5 TB tape cartridge capacity = 80 hours at 50 Mbps
    • MXF (OP-1a) file creation
    • Codec: HD MPEG-2 Long GOP 18-50Mbps, SD MPEG-2 1GOP 30-50Mbps
    • LCD Screen, FTP mode, Simultaneous proxy creation
    • 9-pin VTR Control
    • LTFS file system
    • Barcode indexing

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