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  • Video I/O Box with Thunderbolt 2 and HDMI 1.4


    Io 4K is the next evolution of capture and output hardware offering a full set of professional video and audio connectivity with support for the latest 4K and UltraHD devices and High Frame Rate workflows.

    The power of Thunderbolt 2 enables Io 4K to handle a wide range of formats from SD to HD, UHD and full 4K over both SDI and HDMI and support 4K frame rates up to 50p/60p.

    Professional connectivity

    Io 4K has the connectivity required for today’s variety of productions. With full-sized BNC connectors for 4K input and output as well as HDMI in and out, Io 4K can handle professional 4 x SDI 4K signals as well as capturing and outputting 4K over HDMI for use with more affordable 4K equipment.


    With more affordable high-resolution cameras available, many productions are opting to shoot at a higher resolution even if final delivery is still in SD or HD. This offers the flexibility to re-master at higher resolutions in the future.

    Io 4K can support your current SD and HD workflows and provides a path to move to higher resolution productions and also higher frame rate support whenever the need arises. The realtime downconverter also means you can work at higher resolutions and easily create lower resolution deliverables without the need to recapture or re-edit. All at a size that’s small enough to easily take on-set or in the field.


    • 4 x bi-directional 3G-SDI
    • 4K/UHD HDMI I/O
    • Simultaneous SDI and HDMI outputs
    • Real time 4K to HD downconversion for HD-SDI and HDMI monitoring
    • 10-bit high-quality 4:2:2, 4:4:4 and High Frame Rate workflow support
    • Two Thunderbolt™ 2 ports
    • Use with any Thunderbolt 2 system for up to 4K at 10-bit quality and up to 50p/60p
    • Backwards compatible with existing Thunderbolt hosts
    • 16-channel embedded audio on SDI
    • 8-channel embedded audio on HDMI
    • DB-25 analog audio output connector
    • XLR 12V power for battery or AC use
    • RS-422 VTR control, Reference, LTC Input
    • Headphone jack and level control for mobile environments


    IO 4K

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