ARRI SkyPanel S120-C - Pole Op Version (Black)

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ARRI SkyPanel S120-C - Pole Op Version (Black)
  • Dimmable bi-color LED soft light, pole op version, light aperture 1290 x 300 mm (L0.0012952)


    The highly acclaimed ARRI SkyPanel series of LED soft lights is growing, with the new SkyPanel S120-C joining the S60 and S30 family of products. The S120 is twice as long as the S60, but weighs nearly the same. Its larger light aperture makes a great soft light even better. Retaining the same features and color tuneability as its smaller counterparts, the S120 consumes less than 400 watts, yet it is slightly brighter than the S60-C and has an outstanding efficacy of 90 lumens per watt.

    A large surface area is a crucial feature of a good soft light. With an aperture of 1290 mm x 300 mm (50.8” x 11.8”), the S120 outputs a beautifully soft, even beam of light that has a wide range of uses. The long aspect ratio wraps light around objects and is perfect for vertical lighting of people. In addition the S120 works well as an overhead light for large areas, with the increased dimensions meaning that fewer lights and less cables are required.

    Specifications S120-C Pole Op Version:

    • Light Aperture: 1290 x 300 mm
    • Fully Tuneable from 2,800 K - 10,000 K
    • Vibrant Color Selection (RGB+W Color Gamut)
    • High Color Rendering
    • Large Aperture (1290 x 300mm)
    • Perfect for Vertical Lighting
    • Low Power Consumption (400 W Nominal)
    • Tremendous Output - Brighter than 2kW Tungsten Soft Light
    • Fully Dimmable from 0 - 100%
    • Lightweight and Compact
    • Beautiful Soft Beam of Light
    • Interchangeable Diffusion Panels
    • Wide Range of Accessories Available
    • Thin Profile
    • On-Board Battery Connection (23 - 36V DC)
    • Onboard Simple Control Panel
    • Onboard DMX In and Out
    • RDM Implementation
    • USB-A Connection for Firmware Updates
    • EtherCon port for network connectivity
    • Available in Blue/Silver and Black
    • Fan Mode Selection
    • External Lightweight PSU
    • PowerCON TRUE1 Power Connector
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