IDX P-V257

  • IDX P-V257 - 1
  • IDX P-V257 - 2
IDX P-V257
  • ENDURA V-Mount Plate with Dual 2-Pin D-Tap DC Out and Digi-View


    P-V257 converts 12V to 5V/7.3V and uses ENDURA batteries. Choose between the two voltages with a convenient power output switch located on the side below the D-Tap connector used for 5V/7.3V regulated power.

    Ancillary gear, such as lights, can be powered  via the second unregulated 2-Pin D-Tap on the opposite side of the plate. Its unregulated battery throughput voltage output can be as high as 16.8V with IDX Li-Ion batteries.


    • V-Mount connection for precise DC power connectivity and much longer running times for small profile cameras using IDX ENDURA series batteries (E-7, E-7S, E-HL9, E-10 Series & ELITE).
    • Remaining battery capacity can be displayed in the camera’s viewfinder for confidence monitoring (feature available on camera systems capable of displaying DigiView).
    • P-V212, P-V257 & P-V284 can be mounted onto the A-MWR wireless audio adaptor; all three V-Plates are also compatible with IDX’s shoulder mount system A-CA74E.
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