LYNX P VD 5010 Module + Rearplate P VD 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT)

  • LYNX P VD 5010 Module + Rearplate P VD 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT) - 1
  • LYNX P VD 5010 Module + Rearplate P VD 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT) - 2
LYNX P VD 5010 Module + Rearplate P VD 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT)
  • Video Media Processor Module (SDTV Frame Sync with Embedded Audio Support) + Rearplate Panel P VD 5010 B


    The P VD 5010 B is a high quality frame / line synchronizer designed primarily for broadcast and professional applications. The two available SDI inputs can be synchronized to external sync with a delay of up to a maximum of 8 frames adjustable in 37ns increments. Minimum
    delay in Framesynch modeis 1 Frame, in Linesynch mode less than 1 μs. SDI Inputs can be switched into the processor seamlessly, also via a GPI. A separate delay output is provided for externalaudio delay processing.

    From both SDI inputs 2 AES audio groups can be extracted, separately processed and embedded again to avoid audio clicks due to the video frame synchronization. In addition 2 external AES inputs and outputs are provided and can be processed and embedded into the SDI output signal.


    • Selectable frame or line synchronization mode of operation
    • Dual standard operation (525/625)
    • Delay of up to 6 frames max in 37ns increments
    • Two SDI inputs with seamless (interference free) changeover via GPI
    • The two SDI inputs can be switched frame accurately via GPI
    • SDI inputs with active loop through
    • 2 SDI outputs provided
    • Delay output pulse for external audio delay processor
    • Internal deembedding of two audio groups (4 x AES) with Channel Swap, Mute etc.
    • Embedding of processed audio groups into SDI stream
    • 2x AES inputs and 2x AES outputs
    • Local DIP-switch, push buttons and LED’s for local control and status monitoring
    • Microprocessor controlled with local display and menu driven user interface Flash Ram storage for settings
    • Remote control interface

    Zustand, Lieferumfang und Garantie

    • Inkl. Rear Connection Panel P VD 5010 B (Delay Output, Ref-In, 2x SDI-INs / 2x SDI-OUTs, and 2x AES-INs / 2x AES-OUTs)
    • 6 Monate Gebraucht-/Demo-Garantie ab Kaufdatum
    • Bei den abgebildeten Fotos handelt es sich um Originalaufnahmen. Sie geben den Zustand sowie den kompletten Lieferumfang wieder.

    Nur solange Vorrat reicht!

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