LYNX P TG 5010 Module + Rearplate P TG 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT)

  • LYNX P TG 5010 Module + Rearplate P TG 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT) - 1
  • LYNX P TG 5010 Module + Rearplate P TG 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT) - 2
LYNX P TG 5010 Module + Rearplate P TG 5010 B (GEBRAUCHT)
  • ADI & AES Test Signal Generator Module + Rearplate Panel P TG 5010 B


    Featuring 4 independent simultaneous SDI test pattern outputs with both embedded AES audio and external AES audio support the P TG 5010 provides a low cost fl exible solution for any broadcast and professional video test and calibration application. The module contains a large library of standard static video test signals as well as dynamic audio / video test signals which includes a circular Zoneplate generator and the new IRT pattern for audio timing and lip synchronization.

    The audio test generator will generate 4 separate channels of audio combined into 2 AES streams which is available external AES signals as well as embedded into the test signals. Each audio channel has adjustable frequency (20Hz..20KHz in 1Hz steps) as well as adjustable gain (0 to -60dBu) and selectable momentary pause for left channel.


    • 4 independent and programmable 10 bit SDI outputs
    • 20 or 24 bit 48KHz digital audio
    • Independently adjustable audio test tone frequency (20 to 20KHz in 1 Hz steps) for each channel
    • Independently adjustable audio gain (0 to -60dB) for each channel
    • Selectable momentary pause (silence) for left channel
    • 2 External AES outputs, transformer coupled
    • Audio embedded into all video outputs.
    • Microprocessor controlled with internal flash ram for storing configuration and integrated matrix display for local setup.
    • Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting possible when used with LYNX control system.
    • Full SNMP support when used with master controller option
    • Hot swappable
    • Character generator overlay, with 8 characters (max) and programmable text color, background color and screen position, independent for each of the 4 outputs. 

    Zustand, Lieferumfang und Garantie

    • Inkl. Rearplate Panel P TG 5010 B (1x REF-Loop, 1x REF-OUT, 4x SDI-OUTs, 2x AES-OUTs, 2x GPI-OUTs)
    • 6 Monate Gebraucht-/Demo-Garantie ab Kaufdatum
    • Bei den abgebildeten Fotos handelt es sich um Originalaufnahmen. Sie geben den Zustand sowie den kompletten Lieferumfang wieder.

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