LYNX P MX 5212 B Module + Rearplate (GEBRAUCHT)

  • LYNX P MX 5212 B Module + Rearplate (GEBRAUCHT) - 1
  • LYNX P MX 5212 B Module + Rearplate (GEBRAUCHT) - 2
LYNX P MX 5212 B Module + Rearplate (GEBRAUCHT)
  • Dual AES Audio Multiplexer (Embedder) Module + Rearplate Panel P MX 5212 B


    The P MX 5212 D is a high quality digital AES Audio multiplexer (Audio Embedder) designed primarilyfor broadcast and professional applications. The Module accepts 2 external AES3 inputs (combined into one audio group) and multiplexes these into the incoming SDI video input.

    Group insertion is selectable (1 through 4). Existing audio groups can be overwritten, deleted or passed transparently. Four separate SDI outputs of the embedded signal are provided which could be used to cascade several modules for additional audio group insertion. The Module uses 110-Ohm (Sub D) interconnections.


    • User selsctable audio groups (1...4)
    • Selection od Audio Mono Channels
    • 525 and 625 line standard. (auto detect)
    • Supports 4:3 / 16:9 aspect ratios
    • 270 and 360Mbits/s (auto detect)
    • Supports 20 and 24 bit audio
    • Supports 8 and 10 bit video
    • Selectable bypass of audio sample rate conversion per AES input
    • EDH insertion back into outgoing SDI data streams
    • No audio insertion if audio input lost.
    • Supports asynchronous and synchronous audio inputs (asynchronous audio between 30KHz and 48KHz)
    • Local DIP switch, multifunction switch and LED's for control and status monitoring
    • Microprocessor controlled.
    • Remote control interface 

    Zustand, Lieferumfang und Garantie

    • Inkl. Rearplate Panel P MX 5212 B (1x SDI-IN, 4x SDI-OUTs and 2x AES-INs)
    • 6 Monate Gebraucht-/Demo-Garantie ab Kaufdatum
    • Bei den abgebildeten Fotos handelt es sich um Originalaufnahmen. Sie geben den Zustand sowie den kompletten Lieferumfang wieder.

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