DiGiGrid MGB - Coaxial MADI Interface

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DiGiGrid MGB - Coaxial MADI Interface
  • Coaxial MADI-to-SoundGrid Interface with up to 128 audio channels


    Compact and portable, the DiGiGrid MGB interface lets you plug any coaxial MADI-enabled device into the power of the Waves SoundGrid networking and processing platform. Record, process and playback up to 128 audio channels, using literally hundreds of Waves and third-party plugins, with super-low latency, clocking in at only 0.8 milliseconds.

    You can even record to two computers simultaneously: One for virtual soundcheck, the other for backup. So if you’re on the tour bus, in your hotel room, at the airport – wherever – you can quickly and conveniently setup your next show, using only your laptop.

    With a DiGiGrid MGB MADI-to-SoundGrid interface, real-time low-latency networking and processing is only an Ethernet cable away.


    Plug the MGB straight into your computer to record up to 128 channels with simultaneous playback of 128 channels. Add a SoundGrid DSP server and DiGiGrid SWI network switch plus Waves MultiRack SoundGrid host application, and your MADI-compatible live or broadcast console now has real-time low-latency processing capabilities.

    And if you require a higher level of audio quality, a simple configuration change switches the MGB to 96kHz, for 64 channels of recording and 64 channels of simultaneous playback. 


    • Coaxial (BNC) MADI-to-SoundGrid Interface
    • Up to 128 channels
    • Record to two computers simultaneously
    • Super low-latency: 0.8 milliseconds
    • Connect with one Ethernet cable (Cat 5e/6)
    • Run hundreds of real-time plugins (SoundGrid DSP Server an 1GB switch sold separately)
    • ASIO & Core Audio compliant
    • Dimensions: 148 x 106 x 29 mm (H x W x D)
    • Weight: 0,4 kg
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