AETA ScoopFone HD

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AETA ScoopFone HD
  • Audio Codec with ISDN (2G/3G), HD voice™ (7 kHz), noise gate and echo cancelling features


    Designed to use the mobile voice service and benefit from HD Voice™, ScoopFone HD will be an asset when working in areas where 4G mobile data networks may be unstable or failing.

    ScoopFone HD will also find its place in any case of long distance transmission where the sound quality and the reliability of the link is a major concern. Equipped with noise gate and echo cancelling features, the device will also be used to communicate with a hybrid phone.

    With its compactness and autonomy of more than 5 hours on rechargeable batteries, ScoopFone HD is the most economical solution to perform live field reports without compromising reliability or sound quality.


    • Dedicated bag with convenient storage and direct access to connectors
    • 2 antennas in diversity for better network reception
    • > 5H autonomy with rechargeable NiMH batteries (6xAA), integrated charger
    • Phantom power
    • Full Duplex
    • Noise gate
    • Echo cancelling
    • Easy use with SIM card
    • Phone book
    • Easy update by USB

    Audio Interfaces

    • 1 balanced mic/line input
    • 1 balanced line input
    • 1 balanced line output
    • 2 headphone outputs
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