AETA ScoopFone 4G

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AETA ScoopFone 4G
  • Audio Codec with AoIP (Ethernet/3G/4G), great audio quality (up to 20 kHz) and HD voice™ (7 kHz)


    ScoopFone 4G makes it easy and efficient to establish AoIP links over 3G and 4G networks and offers great audio quality (up to 20 kHz), as well as HD voice™ (7 kHz) over mobile voice service (3G).

    With its intuitive interface and simplified configuration, ScoopFone 4G is an easy-to-use device for optimal transmission performance.

    The choice of coding algorithm is done automatically depending on the device being called, with priority to OPUS. A network quality meter guides the user to adjust the bit rate if needed, which can be done live without any audio glitch or drop out. In IP mode, the interleaved packet duplication (FEC) technique provides a robust link.

    Its practical and durable bag, its compactness and its autonomy of more than 5 hours on rechargeable batteries make ScoopFone 4G the perfect combination of mobility, sound quality and functionality.

    The ScoopFone 4G is also available in a rackmount version, ScoopFone 4G-R.


    • Dedicated bag with convenient storage and direct access to connectors
    • 2 antennas in diversity for better network reception
    • > 5H autonomy with rechargeable NiMH batteries (6xAA), integrated charger
    • Phantom power
    • Easy use with SIM card or RJ45 cable
    • Network quality meters
    • Easy update by USB
    • GPIO: 2 inputs / 2 outputs
    • Adjustable Opus bit rate during communication to fit network load (12-192 kbit/s)
    • Remote Access: Remote control for all settings and parameters via Internet
    • Included: free factory SIP account (exclusive for the device, on AETA SIP server)

    Audio Interfaces

    • 1 balanced mic/line input
    • 1 balanced line input
    • 1 balanced line output
    • 2 headphone outputs
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